TJ Martin was carried into this realm by a virgin, donning a shining veil and riding atop a steel stallion, and delivered unto a man of grace and a woman of light. These two christened him a Warrior of Wisdom and raised him to fulfill this destiny.

His life is ordered by two noble pursuits. One of these is training his powers of creativity and imagination; channeling these abilities through the weapons of art and language, he has acquired particular proficiencies in the martial styles of illustration, comics, and prose but is also skilled in drawing, painting, and poetry. The other of these pursuits is observing and interacting with the world around him; studying battles that have been fought, the warriors who fought them, and the victories that have been won, big and small.

As the war rages on, TJ will continue to battle ignorance, close-mindedness, and any enemy of Wisdom that he encounters. You can keep up with TJ’s training journal at TJ Contempl8ing and battle records at The Art of TJ Martin and here on Short Story Salad.

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