raboiconsBorn to Armenian parents who immigrated to the Deep South when he was a child, Rabo Karabekian has struggled for years with rampant alcoholism and an on again, off again love affair with writing. Long drawn to the abstract-expressionist movement and artists Barnett Newman and Mark Rothko in particular, Karabekian’s style has been called an amalgamation of their styles in a literary form. He occasionally channels the spirit of Vonnegut in his writing but his works are more often mediocre and disjointed with whiffs of megalomania and self doubt by turn.

Karabekian now lives in a dank hellhole with his own delusions and lack of self-confidence, a cat which hates him, and a motorcycle which loves him. He spends much of his time on the road or wishing he were on the road, listening to Eurythmics on old vinyl and staring off into space.

Rabo’s other writings and thoughts can be found at Rabo’s Writings Tumblr

He also edits a personal travel blog, cataloging his motorcycle adventures at Rabo’s Rambles Tumblr

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